About Hog Heaven TX:


Come hunt my personal 190 acres. This land has never been commercially hunted just family and friends.

We have an unbelievable amount of HOGS this year.

We have box blinds (3), tree stands (5), and pop up blinds(2) available for bow or rifle hunting. There are five (5) feeders, food plots, pond, and a nice creek on property, along with heavy woods and open hay meadow.

Hunt can be self-guided ( I will show you around property upon arrival ) or (Semi-Guided will take you to stands, help with retrieval of animals, provide care of your kill if desired for an additional $50.00).

There is a small pop-up camper available no water, power by generator or Purtis Creek State Park is 1 mile from property, or hotel near by in Mabank or Canton.

We have motion activated green lights at feeders and on game trails. Kill lights for Bow or Gun available at additional fee.

Email, Call, or Text for additional info. Property can accommodate up to four hunters. I'm not an outfitter, just want to help offset the cost of maintaining property and feeding deer and let someone enjoy the experience of hunting the PIGS!!!

I will only allowing hunting 2 weekend per month from March - August. Arrive friday afternoon depart sunday before noon. Contact us with any questions.


Q: What does it cost?

A: Two Day Hunt Arrive 3PM Friday depart Sunday 12 Noon | 200$ / person (2 People Weekend Minimum)

Q: Do you rent weapons?

A: No we do not rent weapons. You will need to bring your open weapon. Preferably a rifle that is sighted in and you are familiar with.

Q: How many hogs can I shoot


Q: I have never been hunting Before/ I am a single parent wanting to get my child into hungting. Can you take me/us hunting?

A: Yes. If we have a specialty, it's with first time hunters take their first animals here at the Hog Heaven. We really enjoy working with youth and getting them into hunting.

Q: What predators of varmits do you have?

A: Most varmints you'll see while hunting include: skunnks, possums, racoons, armadillos. Predators include : fox, bobcat, and coyotes.

Q: Can I bring non-hunting guests? (Wife, kids, etc.)

A: Yes. We are a family operated outfitter that enjoys families in the outdoors. Our non-hunter fee is simply 25$.

Q: Is there a taxidermist you recommend in the area if by chance I shoot a hog and I want to have it mounted?

A: Yes we have several in the area we recommend.

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Contact Us

Phone Number: 903-880-6323

Email Address: jeff@hogheaventx.com